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Theatre Gigante's "Rumore di Acque" Humanizes the European Refugee Crisis

Courtesy of Theatre Gigante
Alessandro Renda in "Rumore di Acque" (Noise in the Waters)

The refugee crisis in Europe continues to dominate headlines as the European Union struggles to manage the influx and craft humane policies.  Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have been streaming towards Europe from war-torn Syria and other locations for months. 

But the refugee crisis in Europe is much older than many people realize. Until recently, it’s been Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain, and Italy that are hit the hardest. 

Rumore di Acque” (or Noise in the Waters) gets its Milwaukee premiere this week presented in Italian by Theatre Gigante. Alessandro Renda created the role of the General in Italy in the original 2010 production and he reprises his starring role in Milwaukee.

"There are a lot of arts and information and media that can give a lot of information, but theatre has a particular possibility to give another type of experience," says Renda.

An Italian theater company created the show as a way to sensitize Italians to the plight of the refugees, but the message still translates today despite the time that has passed and the language it is presented in.

"I do think it awakens your heart and awakens your mind into seeing it as an issue that is not about that person over across the ocean, but it's about all of us," says Theatre Gigante founder Isabelle Kralj.

“Rumore di Acque” runs October 1st through 4th at the East Side’s Kenilworth Square.

Bonnie North
Bonnie joined WUWM in March 2006 as the Arts Producer of the locally produced weekday magazine program Lake Effect.