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Milwaukee Magazine Names the City's Top Movers and Shakers

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Amoung Milwaukee Magazine's list of Milwaukee's most influential is Milwaukee Art Museum Director Dan Keegan.

From politics to sports to education, Milwaukee Magazine's list of the city's most influential people are shaping the city's future.

"We were looking for people who make a difference in this town in whatever realm they occupy, whether it's business, sports, arts and entertainment," says editor Kurt Chandler.

This list of influentials ranges from people in politics and government, such as Chris Abele and Scott Walker, to the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. Managing editor and Lake Effect sports contributor HowieMagner says their selection was not exactly scientific, but they did take advice from top Milwaukee leaders in who to feature.

"We asked people who are influential themselves who they thought the most influential people were," Magner explains. "Generally speaking, if you're asking smart people their opinions about other smart people, you generally get a pretty good cross-section of results."