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Behind the Journal Sentinel's 'Unsolved' Series

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Last year, the podcast Serial, a spin-off from public radio’s This American Life, captivated millions of listeners as it examined the murder of a Baltimore high school student.

For the last three weeks, a series of articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has taken a page from the Serial playbook. Unsolved is a seven-part, multimedia story that investigates a Milwaukee County murder that has long gone, well, unsolved.

Criminal justice reporter Gina Barton wrote the stories and narrates the accompanying podcast, and she joins Lake Effect's Mitch Teich to explain what made this case so compelling.

"This case pretty much had everything. It had 6,000 pages of police reports; it had an intrepid detective; it had a nutty medical examiner...just all sorts of suspects, intrigue and really it was just one of those stories where truth is stranger than fiction," Barton says.

Listen to / read the latest chapter here.