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Milwaukee Magazine Searches for the City's Best Pizzas

Adam Kuban
One of Maria's Pizza's distinct features is the size and shape of their pies.

For some of us, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect food than pizza. 

People can be pretty choosy about what is on it and where they get it. If you’re open to trying someplace different than your normal standby, Milwaukee Magazine’s cover story features thirty of the area’s best pizza places.

"It's like fish fries or burgers. If you start someone in a conversation about it they just will go on and on and's one of those things that everybody likes," says dining critic Ann Christenson.

Unlike the Chicago or New York- style counterparts, Milwaukee style pizza tends to have a thinner crust. Another unique Milwaukee trend is having canned or fresh mushrooms on the pizza, some places offering either option.

For the thirty pizzas chosen for the article, Christenson found it impossible to rank them. "They're all really good, I stand behind all of them," she says.

However, nothing can compare to Milwaukee's old school pizza establishments that have remained within the owner's family for generations, such as Maria's Pizza. Not only is it "one of the most delicious pizzas you will ever have," according to Christenson, but the atmosphere and workers add to its charm.

Ann Christenson is dining critic and senior editor at Milwaukee Magazine, and she’s a regular Lake Effect contributor.

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