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Ex Fabula: Lucky

Ahh, St. Patrick’s Day in Milwaukee. A day of corned beef, Rueben Rolls, green beer and adults, dressed in ridiculous green ensembles heading to the bar for breakfast. In honor of this favorite sign of Spring, we’re revisiting some of the luckiest tales we’ve ever heard on the Ex Fabula stage.

Joel Dresang has been blessed with great luck. He explains that every time he has faced a dangerous situation, he comes out unscathed. “Getting Off the Hook is my Super Power!” he explains. Joel takes us through each situation, from an underage drinking party to Philippine War Lords, where things should have turned out badly but for Joel, there is no Kryptonite.  

Then we have Matt Brown an unassuming college student studying in Vermont. The summer after Matt’s sophomore year, an admired professor asked Matt to join a band for a one-time gig at a church. When they finally began rehearsing, the professor had a very ambitious and actually impossible set list. Matt left practice that day wondering how he could get out of it. The next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital. His close call with a moose was just the excuse he needed to get out of the concert.

Don’t forget, this Sunday, March 13, we’ll continue the community discussion on race and privilege as we ask the question "What Role Does Race Play in our Lives?" This program will feature personal stories about privilege and oppression from Ex Fabula Fellows, community members who use the art of storytelling to explore challenging topics and inspire meaningful dialogue. After the stories, attendees will reflect on the stories and share their own experiences in small groups. This event is free and open to the public.