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Ex Fabula: Celebrate!

This week we’re celebrating! Season 7 is nearing an amazing end with only one StorySlam left before our May All-Stars Event. Though the season is coming to a close, Ex Fabula will continue its work throughout the summer months, with special community collaborations and continuing workshops for corporate, nonprofit, and private events.

This week’s stories are about celebration, celebrating marriage, music and community. In our first story, from last November’s “My Life of Crime” StorySlam, Deserae Constantineau found herself taking an unexpected detour on her way to the celebration.

One summer morning Deserae was running errands for a bachelorette party she was throwing that evening. She had stopped for balloons and streamers; for snacks and beverages; and finally, she stopped at the “Adult Store” to pick up some male anatomy props. One her way home, she saw the dreaded flashing lights in her rearview mirror and pulled her car to the side of the road. As she was being led to the backseat of the squad car, she wondered how this had happened, how she could get out of it, and how she would get her anatomically correct party props from her car in time for the party.

In January of this year, Peter Woods took the stage for our “Belonging” StorySlam to share a lovely story on the power of music. The summer after his senior year of high school, Peter had a revelation: Music is awesome. Peter spent that summer following the music from show to show. Old warehouses, basements, even kitchens, if there was a band playing, Peter was there. Not only was he addicted to the music; he became addicted to the community, the shared pulse of the entire audience with the band, the electricity and connection. Crammed into a tiny kitchen listening to a traveling garage band, he realized, “Music is Awesome.”

We still have April’s StorySlam to celebrate. April’s Slam is this Wednesday, April 13th. Once again, we’ll be taking the stage of the historic Times Cinema to share stories on the theme, “Forgotten.” Get your tickets early as we have sold out nearly every show this season. And while you’re thinking about it, consider sharing your own “Forgotten” story. We always make room for first timers. We have the stage. You have the Story. Let’s share.