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Ex Fabula: All Stars Preview

Ex Fabula
Storyteller Jeanette Arellano

Tonight, the best and the brightest of Ex Fabula’s Seventh Season come together for an evening of engaging, entertaining, and sometimes, emotional stories at the EX FABULA SEASON SEVEN ALL STARS EVENT at Alverno's Pitman Theater stage with the theme “Game Changer.”

To close out our All Stars Preview we have the Audience Favorite's  from our last two StorySlams of the Season:

Credit Ex Fabula
Storyteller Ryan Webster

In April, Ryan Webster took to the stage for our last StorySlam of the Season, “Forgotten.” Mild-mannered Midwestern Ryan, with a few of his buddies decided to take a post-college graduation road trip to New York City. Once there, they crashed on the floor of a friend’s studio apartment. When the NY friend invited the trio to join him at a local gay bar, Ryan was intimidated but agreed. Three straight guys and a gay guy walk into a gay bar…When the DJ asked if,  “there are any visitors in the house?” Ryan, the unknowing Midwesterner, raised his hand.  Soon whipped cream, bump-n-grinding, shirtless shenanigans ensued and Ryan experienced a Carpe Diem moment he has never forgotten.  

Our second story comes from our March Puente Project: American Dream, Spanish/English StorySlam. Jeanette Arellano (pictured above) loves food. She let us know that straight away. She loves both Mexican and American food. The one time she hated food was during school field trips because she knew what her Mom would pack. She ate her sandwich still wrapped in its bag because she feared the jeers of her classmates (who would eventually accuse her of eating boogers). She begged and begged her Mom for a Lunchable for the next field trip. However, after finishing off that first, tiny Lunchable…she had a realization.

Our Monthly StorySlams may be over for the Season but you can still hear your favorite Ex Fabula stories throughout the summer on 89.7 WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 3:40pm. You never know when you’ll hear a familiar voice. Summer is also a great time to start thinking about becoming a Season 8 volunteer. Ex Fabula is a volunteer-run and driven organization and we have opportunities from data entry all the way up to committee chairs.  As always, we thank all of the hard-working Volunteers who made Season Seven possible. Without you, there is no us! 

Ex Fabula. Story. Stage. You.

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