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Songwriting, Youth & Learning with Madeleine of 'Lily and Madeleine'

Photo by Stacy Newgent
Lily and Madeleine

It's not that unusual for recording artists to break into the business while they're still young. Years ago, it was the Jacksons, or Steve Winwood, recording at tender ages. More recently, musicians like Adele have broken through before they were allowed to drink alcohol (at least in the United States).

But even so, it seems remarkable that the sister duo called Lily & Madeleine have just released their third album. Keep It Together is out and Lily is only 19 and Madeleine is 21.

The sisters' music has begun to shift from simpler, lighter melodies heard on their past recordings to a darker, more layered and sophisticated sound.

The elder sister is certain that her decision to pursue music as a career was the correct one. "I didn't want [my parents] to be nervous that we weren't getting a degree," says Madeleine Jurkiewicz. "But I feel like I've shown them that Lily and I are learning so much. It makes me feel confident that I chose the right career path."

And learning may just be what excites Jurkiewicz the most, relishing in the benefits and experience the band lends her. "I would say Lily does more writing than I do. I'm more involved with the business side of the team," she explains. "I've learned so much about the music business and how to present myself as an individual."

It's a long road the sisters have traveled since they started out in the business - and for the first time, the performing road will lead them to Milwaukee this week for a show at the Colectivo Backroom on Prospect Wednesday evening.

Lily & Madeleine also plan to perform in the Lake Effect studio in the coming days ahead of their June 15th show.

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