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Angel Olsen Talks 'Intern' and Evolving as a Touring Musician

Amanda Marsalis

It's not often we see indie musicians embrace country music in the way Angel Olsen does. The Asheville-based singer-songwriter made her name writing folk and country songs that center on the unique, wavering vibrato of her voice.

Along with collaborations with members of Wilco and Cap'n Jazz, she has recorded and toured with Bonnie "Prince" Billy and the Cairo Gang.

She made a subtle shift to rock for her 2014 record, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, but her latest single, "Intern," was a surprising return to the spotlight.

The music video opens with Olsen staring in the camera. She's wearing a glittering silver wig and a cheap microphone headset. The musician who was known for her heavy country roots is now shown as an 80s pop diva. The single is slow and based around synthesizers and it leaves the listener with many questions.

"Many people probably think I'm coming out with a synth album or that I'm trying to become someone else," says Olsen. "To me, it's about embracing a new sound and seeing how it changes my writing and my voice."

That change spreads through her old music as well as it evolves on tour. "Because I get to look forward to new band members and new material, I can go back to the old material with those people and revise it."

Angel Olsen's new record My Womanwill be out September 2nd.