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'Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube': A Look at Life in the Arctic

For many of us, there is a certain allure to the Arctic. But for author and sled dog trainer, BlairBraverman, the appeal has nearly always extended to something deeper. 

While Braverman spent much of her childhood in California, she really grew up north of the Arctic Circle. She lived in a remote village in Norway as well as on a glacier in Alaska. Her time there was challenging, both for the physical climate and the metaphorical one – often dealing with men who were as inhospitable as the tundra.

Braverman now lives and trains sled dogs in northern Wisconsin, and she's the author a new memoir, Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube. The stories she shares are a bit risque, so Braverman was elated when her parents were able to connect with the book. 

"It's a book that talks about fear and violence and sex, and things that - well, I don't talk to my parents about those things very much," says Braverman. "To send it to them and feel understood was incredible."