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Local Delegate Hopeful for Unity After DNC Opens to Boos and Jeers

Joe Raedle
Getty Images

The Democratic National Convention just kicked off in Philadelphia and things were tense. Emails leaked last week from the DNC are leading to the resignation of DNC chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The release of the emails seemed to exacerbate an already volatile situation.

Televised speeches from the convention were drowned out by chanting, many shouting for reforms and booing at the mere mention of presumptive candidate Hillary Clinton. 

But although broadcasts of the event showed a chaotic scene, local DNC member Jason Rae says conditions on the convention floor were a bit different. "There are a few people in the hall who are booing and things like that, but I really noticed a really great energy on the floor and people are really starting to come together," he says. 

The first night of the convention featured speeches from first lady Michelle Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren's speech was difficult to hear in broadcasts over the intense chanting from the audience, but first lady Obama's speech was lauded as a call for unification and support for presumptive nominee Clinton.

Senator Sanders also offered words of support, and Rae believes his endorsement could be the solution in uniting the Democratic Party. This year's convention voted in the most progressive platform in recent history, which Rae believes is partly due to Senator Sanders.

"Other DNC members are excited about the direction," he says. "We're really talking about issues that are impacting people, that are gonna bring in a younger generation of voters to the party; issues that people are really concerned with that we don't hear from the other side." 

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