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Indie Rock Band Wye Oak Finds Strength in Their Limitations

Alex Marks
Merge Records
Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak.

When Wye Oak released their break-through record, Civilian, they followed their tour with a separation. Bandmates Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack moved from Baltimore to opposite sides of the country. Wasner now lives in North Carolina and Stack in Marfa, Texas, but the move has not slowed down the band. In fact,  Wye Oak thrives off their limitations.

"It's turned out to be an asset for us to live in different places," Wasner says. "The sounds we're capable of achieving on our own are much more interesting and exciting now than before we moved away from each other."

The band's latest release, Tween, is not necessarily an album, but a collection of songs conceived during the writing and release of their last two records Shriek and Civilian. "Thematically, it feels like a collection of short stories. Each song lives in its own universe, but they're not connected in the way the songs of Civilian are connected to one another," Wasner explains.

Wye Oak will be playing at Turner Hall in Milwaukee on August 2nd. Tween is out digitally now and will be released on CD and vinyl on August 5th.