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Ex Fabula: Taking Risks

Ex Fabula
Blanche Brown shares her story for Ex Fabula.

As our city continues to sift through the rubble and tries to address the issues that caused the unrest in Sherman Park, Ex Fabula shares stories from people who have taken action.

Blanche Brown tells the first story. She left her corporate career and became certified as an art therapist who specialized in working with children with autism. The work came naturally to her and she found herself connecting with the children and receiving high praise from her supervisors. What could possibly go wrong?

The second story is about taking the kind of risk many of us cringe at - “the asking someone out" risk. Back in 2010, now-Ex Fabula Director Megan McGee participated in the “Now or Never” StorySlam.  She shared how she finally got up the nerve to ask out the hot guy on her soccer team. Did he say yes?

Listen to the stories to find out the answers!