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Milwaukee Magazine Returns to 'Best Of' Title, Features Service-Oriented Favorites

S Bence

This week’s news that the National Trust for Historic Preservation has taken up the cause of preserving the Mitchell Park Domes is a good reminder that there are some attractions that are simply integral to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Magazine each year pulls together an issue that features favorites from readers and staff members alike.  For a while, the issue described it as “reasons to love Milwaukee.”  This year, they revert back to the better-known “Best Of” format.

"You can actually get some good suggestions on services or things to do or places to shop," says senior editor Claire Hanan.  "There's so much crossover (with Reasons to Love), but there are some things that simply entertained us this year."

This month's magazine covers everything from reader photos of Milwaukee and the best place to get your oil changed to cobblers and local Instagram celebrity Hank the Hedgehog.

Hanan goes into further detail about the "Best Of" evolution and gives a preview of some of Milwaukee's little-known treasures:

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