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'It Raises So Many Questions': British Journalist Shares Perspective on Election Results

BBC World Service
British journalist Claire Bolderson

The reverberations from the election of Donald Trump to the presidency are continuing to echo around Wisconsin, the country, and the world.  In fact, it seems people in other countries are having almost as many conversations about the historic 2016 election as in the United States. 

Claire Bolderson is a former BBC correspondent and now independent journalist who has covered numerous US elections and other momentous ballot issues, such as the Brexit vote earlier this year.  From London, she added her take on the election.

"It raises so many questions," she assesses. "Which is not to say that I was surprised by the results--shocked, but not surprised--but, I've never looked at an election and thought the way I think now, which is: I have no idea what's going to happen come January 20th."

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