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'Moises/Landscape' Exhibit: A Tribute to a Father Lost

This weekend, the Pitch Project Gallery in Walker's Point is putting the book front and center, as both an object and an art form.

The Pitch Project Artist Book Fair event is connected to its latest exhibition - photographer Mariela Sancari’s “Moises/Landscape."

Sancari's exhibit offers pictures (in book form) of men whom she imagined might have looked like her father, had he lived longer. The concept was inspired by a fantasy that both Sancari and her twin sister often have.

When their father died, they were only fourteen-years-old and were not allowed to see his body.  "So we kind of like, kept the fantasy that we're going to run into him in the street randomly, or that maybe he has another family or that he's homeless, or that something happened to him other than dying. That he's around there somehow, and we'll eventually find him," she says. "So what I decided to do is to make that fantasy come true through an image, and I photograph men that are now the age that he would be if he was alive." 

Sancari says that experience of photographing these men who looked like her father was a lot different than what she had imagined. Since she was unable to watch her father get older, she was confronted by the way many of these men had aged."One of the many things that I was thinking about after doing the pictures was, 'Maybe fantasies are supposed to remain fantasies,'" she explains. 

Bonnie North
Bonnie joined WUWM in March 2006 as the Arts Producer of the locally produced weekday magazine program Lake Effect.