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Sports Contributor Shaun Ranft on Super Bowl 51

John Glaser/Cal Sport Media
February 1, 2017: Outside of NRG Stadium prior to Super Bowl 51 in Houston, TX.


For sports fans, it’s a big weekend. And it’s also a big weekend for people who enjoy expensive TV ad campaigns. That must mean Super Bowl Sunday is rapidly approaching. The fifty-first edition of the proverbial big game pits the Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots.

For Packers fans, it’s a rough time, as we are again denied the opportunity to watch Aaron Rodgers square off against Tom Brady on the world stage. Sports contributor Shaun Ranft is going to watch the game anyway to see how this year's Super Bowl storylines will unfold.

Ranft says spectators can expect a high-scoring game at least on the Patriots' side. Though the Falcons averaged 33 points per game this season, Ranft believes the Patriots' improved defense and premier offense will overtake Atlanta. 

The Patriots are certainly not newcomers to the Super Bowl, either. Ranft says the team's strategies for success are well-kept secrets. 

"Every time we see the Patriots get this far, there doesn't seem to be a hole that anyone can explain," says Ranft. "And whenever there seems to be one, they think of something else."

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