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Milwaukee Public Museum Plans 'Running of the Cows' Exhibit

Milwaukee Public Museum
An artist's rendering of the planned Running of the Cows exhibit.

The renovations to the Milwaukee Public Museum's iconic Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit made big headlines when they were completed more than a year ago. And if all goes well this June, a neighboring exhibit may steer even more people to the museum.

The museum's planned exhibit, called Running of the Cows, takes guests on an immersive experience into Milwaukee's rich dairy history. Inspired by the running of the bulls practice from Spain, the exhibit features 63 live Wisconsin dairy farm cows that guests can interact with.

Unlike the dangers that surround the running of the bulls, the museum's cows will pose no safety threats to guests. "The cows have been through the rigorous award-winning training program, the BTP [Bovine Training Program]," Milwaukee Public Museum's Hillary Olson explains. "These cows are organic, antibiotic-free, pasture-raised, free-range [and] grass-fed."

Olson says the museum has been assured that the cows won't break or damage anything as long as they have their headphones on, which mellows them. The cows prefer smooth jazz, Fresh Air with Terry Gross and, of course, Lake Effect on WUWM.

Guests will also be able to help with street clean-up in the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit and learn how to properly cut cheese. 

Oh, and by the way, Happy April Fools from Lake Effect and the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Milwaukee Public Museum's Hillary Olson sings the exhibit's theme song.