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Ex Fabula: City of Festivals

Art Montes
Storyteller Catherine Miller

One of the best things about living in Milwaukee is that we are the City of Festivals! The Big Gig is ending its run this weekend, but we’re busy making plans for next weekend. Whether you plan on celebrating in Parisian style “Vive la France,” or you’re continuing a long-held family tradition by heading to Bay View’s “Blow Up the Beach” - there’s fun for everyone.

In honor of these Milwaukee traditions we thought we’d share stories from the places that inspired these city favorites.

Credit Carolina Mulvey-Videla
Storyteller Paula Mason

A very excited budding high school student, the President of the French Club, and a lover of everything French, Paula Mason had saved up enough money to spend the summer as an exchange student. However, when she finds herself back at the host family’s apartment, there is no family. No, this is not a Criminal Minds episode. Tune in to hear the who, where and why. And yes, Paula made it home very alive.

Catherine Miller loves art. She loves free art even more. Her home is a gallery with a collection she’s worked years to build. However, when she moved to Bay View, she found a large blank wall screaming for a large piece of art. As fate would have it, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Listen to Catherine’s ultimate find and the lengths she went make it her own:

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