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Ex Fabula: Work

Art Montes
Storyteller Dan Williams

Work. It means different things to different people. Homework, housework, and the ever present, “So, what do you do?” Everyone has a work story and as Ex Fabula’s Season 9 gets into full swing, we want to hear from you. On November 9th, you’ll get your chance to share that story you could never tell around the water cooler for our November StorySlam: WORK. It’ll be a work-night we can all look forward to.

This week, in the spirit of our November StorySlam, we’re sharing a couple stories that focused on work, with the evolution of two very different entrepreneurs.

Dan Williams always had a strong work ethic. As the shift manager at the local Dairy Queen, his high school gig brought him great responsibility, along with some freedom. Dan created a plan to increase profits on the poorest selling slushie while making some extra money on the side. His plan not only increased store revenue, but he also discovered his college major. Listen in to Dan’s story from Season 7’s “My Life of Crime.”

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Chad Johnson

In 2008, as the recession gained steam and jobs were being cut everywhere, Chad Johnson was on the fast track to a six-figure salary at Aurora Healthcare. Chad had it all: a wife, kids, a nice house, a great job, and some sweet cars. However, as he looked around at all the “things” he had, he realized he felt empty inside—he had lost faith. What do you do when you have everything but feel nothing? Tune in to learn the drastic steps Chad took in order to begin feeling again:

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