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Radio Chipstone: Something Once Cherished

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday...those who celebrate Christmas/the Holidays are spending large sums of money trying to find the perfect gift. Parents are wrestling with the question of which toy, video, game, song are they willing to listen to, play or step on for the foreseeable future.

In this edition of Radio Chipstone, contributor Gianofer Fields chats with friend and colleague Matt McHugh about what was once something, he cherished: a Red Power Ranger toy he got from his parents when he was eight or nine years-old.

"I really liked to imagine a lot," recalls McHugh. "I'd wander around the backyard holding a stick imagining I was a superhero."

His parents recently brought his old belongings from his childhood home and McHugh found himself transported to another time. "When I first picked this up, I did feel for a moment sort of letting everything go and just being completely in the moment with this toy and transported to that imagination world."


Material culture contributor Gianofer Fields curates the Radio Chipstone series. The project is funded by the Chipstone Foundation, a decorative arts foundation whose mission is preserving and interpreting their collection, as well as stimulating research and education in the decorative arts.

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