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Ex Fabula: Break Free

Photo by Carolina Mulvey-Videla
Storyteller Charles Hampton

It’s the second week of the new year; a time when those resolutions and new healthy habits start becoming harder to keep (for some). However, the beauty of a new year is the chance at a new beginning - real or metaphorical. It’s a time for renewal, a time to break free from bad relationships, bad habits and/or bad people. In anticipation of next week’s Ex Fabula New Year Spectacular on January 18th at Turner Hall, we’re bringing you two stories that we hope will inspire you to “break free” in the new year!

Charles Hampton grew up working odd jobs and hustling at his father’s nightclub. When the club shut down, Charles took his pool hustle on the road and found a new club and a new skill: drug dealing. But with drug dealing came drug use, incarceration, and decades of addiction. Listen in to see if faith and forgiveness could finally help Charles “break free.”

Credit Adam Ryan Morris
Storyteller Matt Salbjak

After a weekend getaway to Chicago (then) 24-year-old Matt Salbjak’s girlfriend asked, “Is it weird that we only slept together once this whole trip?”

While the question was indicative of a bigger problem in their relationship, it also echoed another question that Matt often thought to himself: “Why aren’t you doing what you said you would do?”

Did Matt’s break up with his girlfriend help him finally break free from outward distractions and get real about his future? Tune in to find out:

Have you decided to “break free from that same old monotony?” We can help. Our next Public Storytelling Workshop is February 10th. Mark your calendars and sign up today!