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'Madwaukee Talks' Seek To Strengthen Economies in Madison and Milwaukee

Ken Lund

People working to strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovation landscape in Milwaukee and Madison launched a new effort recently. Madwaukee Talks is a series of events organized by the Milwaukee Institute and StartingBlock Madison, and seeks to strengthen the economy of both cities.

The first event was last week and featured Tom Chapman, founder of a Nebraska-based management consulting firm called Chapman and Company. When it comes to supporting entrepreneurship in a community, Chapman says it’s really not about a fortune in venture capital. 

"What we heard was not, 'I need a million dollars in venture capital,' which were the words coming out of their mouth. What we heard was, 'Man, if I had $75,000 so I could create a product to be able to figure out what my customers are telling me, that makes a huge difference,'" he explains.

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