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Ex Fabula: Food For Thought


Given the national discussion surrounding food, nutrition and poverty, we’re taking you way back to our first seasons and stories from our outdoor StorySlam, Comfort Food, at the Fondy Farmers Market. These stories showcase the importance of food when it comes to community, family, and heritage and, we hope, makes us think a little deeper about how these bonds are affected when food and resources are scarce.

Marianne grew up among the produce and vendors of the Fondy Farmers Market. Each Saturday she and her family would trek to the market to immerse themselves in the community and to hunt for the perfect tomato. Years later, on a trip abroad, Marianne found herself out of place and out of sorts living with a strange family in a strange land. Tune in to hear how Marianne found home in an unexpected place.

Credit Elizabeth Dawson
A sample of Sugar Bee Farms' produce, on display at a Secret Fabula event.

How does a traditional Korean gnocci-like dish carry on a six hundred year old vow for revenge? In this story from our second appearance at the Fondy, Young Kim takes us on a fascinating trip through history starting in 1392 in a town in (now) North Korea and ending in the aisle of the packaged food section of the local grocery in present day Chicago:

Love these stories? Love Ex Fabula? Want to become more involved in your community? Join us on February 20th for a Volunteer Info & Orientation event, 6:30pm at Mitchell Street Library. Volunteers are the heart of our organization and we couldn’t do all of this without them. Come learn all about our mission and the myriad of opportunities we have for you to get involved.

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