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Ex Fabula: Money

Art Montes
Storyteller Angela McManaman

Money: the root of all evil or what makes the world go ‘round? In light of the upcoming April 3rd election and the proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the office of the State Treasurer, we’re taking a look back at how money has influenced some of our favorite stories. We also encourage you to remember Michelle Obama’s words, “Elections aren’t just about who vote but who doesn’t vote,” and vote on April 3rd.

When Angela McManaman crossed the threshold into her very first house she didn’t expect to find the former owner’s entire life waiting to greet her. It seemed the 65-year-old man left with nothing more than the clothes on his back leaving Amanda with the task of moving him out rather than moving her family in. She continued to stumble upon hidden “treasures” from the man right up until she was preparing to sell the house herself. Listen to Amanda’s “Forgotten” story from 2016 to hear her biggest discovery as she readied the house for the new owners.

Credit Ex Fabula
Ex Fabula
Storyteller James Bartosi

Anyone who’s done it knows that funding is a key piece of non-profit work. In this story from our 2017 Havenwoods Community Storytelling Event, Jim Bartosi shares how members of Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation and leaders from area businesses worked together to create an impressive Employment Readiness Program for neighborhood residents. With a 300-page program design and full community engagement, the only thing missing was money to make it happen. Would fate take over? Tune in to find out.

Last but not least we have a short story from John Bedalov from the 2016 Secret Fabula at Stone Creek Coffee. With no job and a few thousand in the bank, John made the move to New York City where he spent days exploring the city on his bicycle. When the miles on the bike began to take their toll John looked for an energy boost and found it, like so many others, in the form of a sweet, specialty coffee from the local Starbucks. However, his needed pick me up soon became a $15 a day habit unsustainable without a job. What was he to do?

Credit Elizabeth Dawson
Storyteller Jon Bedalov

Speaking of coffee, we hope you will join us on April 3rd for our next Ex Fabula Fellows event, "Talking to Children about Race" at Christ Church (Whitefish Bay). Coffee, dinner and childcare will be provided with advanced (free) registration.