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Sixteenth Street's Bike Day: A 'Collective, Impact Approach' to Healthy Living

In cities like Milwaukee, there are barriers to healthy living for many residents in neighborhoods with challenging economic conditions, such as the near south side. Organizations such as the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center exist to help area residents navigate those barriers.

"The main challenge that we see is how to live healthy lifestyles, because that's the environment in neighborhoods, in communities of color."

Tatiana Maida is the Sixteenth Street Healthy Choices Department Manager. She says key obstacles to healthy living are the lack of healthy foods and safe outside spaces where people can freely exercise and engage with their community.

This Saturday, Sixteenth Street will focus on bicycles and bike use in a special event at Kosciusko Park. Bike Day: Community Health in Motion includes a bike giveaway, but Maida says the event will promote larger health benefits for families and people of all ages and create more positive purposes than simply pedaling.

"The peer-to-peer education and conversation in community groups is where I see more hope," says Maida.

She joined Lake Effect’s Audrey Nowakowski in the studio ahead of bike day, and started by offering some more perspective on the obstacles faced by patients who use Sixteenth Street Community health Center:

Bike Day: Community Health in Motion takes place Saturday May 19th from 10 to 1 at Kosciuszko Park at 9th St and W Layton Ave in Milwaukee.

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