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'Parachutes in Hurricanes' Opens 'A New Door' for Milwaukee Musician David Fitzpatrick

Daystorm Music

David Fitzpatrick has been on the Milwaukee music scene for quite some time, as the front man for his David Fitzpatrick Band.  But a few years ago, thing started slowing down for Fitzpatrick.  Several of the members of the band moved - or drifted - away from the band, and life circumstances brought things to almost a stand still.

But Fitzpatrick never gave up the dream, or the business, and after a songwriting and recording effort that lasted several years, the fruits of his work are just out - an album called Parachutes in Hurricanes.

"The fun part of that album is so much of that is written at the moment of recording, not something that's predestined," says Fitzpatrick. "I think the biggest thing about this that I’ll always remember this album to be - and there’s gonna be plenty more, I guarantee you that - it’s closed a door and opened a new one."

Fitzpatrick and producer Gary Tanin stopped by the Lake Effect studio recently to talk about the origin story of the new record: