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Radio Chipstone: 'Scooby Doo' In the Museum


As adults, we often look back at childhood things with a bit of nostalgia. However, how many of us use those memories of books, toys, or television shows in our very grown-up professions?

Dr. Sarah Anne Carter is Curator and Director of Research for the Chipstone Foundation. She says it was the babysitter who turned her four-year-old son onto Scooby Doo. In this edition of Radio Chipstone, Dr. Carter explains to contributor gianofer fields how her son’s love for the crime solving canine and their many, many conversations about it, changed the way she thinks about her work as a curator:

Material culture contributor Gianofer Fields curates the Radio Chipstone series. The project is funded by the Chipstone Foundation, a decorative arts foundation whose mission is preserving and interpreting their collection, as well as stimulating research and education in the decorative arts.