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Ex Fabula: Generations

It’s been a relaxing summer full of fond storytelling recollections, but excitement is building as Ex Fabula’s 10th Season commences this month! The season’s first StorySlam will be held Sept. 14, featuring the theme “Generations” (details below). This week’s story serves as an introspective warm-up.

It’s rare to be able to gain deep insight into an older relative's life, which makes T. Gillom’s story so striking and powerful. As she shared at the Break Free New Year Spectacular in January 2018, the journal her grandma kept allowed her to gain perspective on multiple generations of her family – and herself in particular.

Some of the journal entries leapt out at T., as if they were written by and about her, not her grandmother. It was then she realized how deep the undercurrents of verbal, emotional and physical abuse ran in her family.

T.'s own life story centered on her protective nature in the face of abuse, her hard work ethic, the hard and violent relationship lessons she had to learn, and the grit it took to stand up for herself in order to protect and raise her son.

Now older and wiser, T. understands her emotional DNA is made up of the traits that made her mother and grandmother who they were, and that both women have contributed to making her a unique, imperfect, worthy person.

Listen to her story, here:

Ex Fabula’s Season 10 kicks off soon with these September events:

• General Public Storytelling Workshop – 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 9, at Colectivo on Humboldt in Milwaukee.

• StorySlam: Generations – 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8, at Garfield’s 502 in Milwaukee. (These tickets always sell out so purchase them soon!)

Are you a member? Your membership will get you savings to special events, as well as opportunities for free tickets and complimentary swag!

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