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'Ecological Aesthetics' Encourages Thinking Differently With The World Around Us

Dartmouth College Press at the University Press of New England

How do you think about the objects around you? What do they do for you? What do they want? Are they art? These are some of the ways that local artist and author Nathaniel Stern wants us to think about our surroundings, our planet and the art within it.

His new book, “Ecological Aesthetics," argues that all things — all matter in fact — argues for itself. 

"It tells stories about artists and their artworks, in order to get us to think with and think differently with, the world around us," notes Stern.

Nathaniel Stern is a Milwaukee-based visual artist and associate professor of art and design at UW-Milwaukee. He’s hosting a release for his book “Ecological Aesthetics” Thursday at Boswell Book Company.

He joined Lake Effect’s Madeline André to dissect what ecological aesthetics means: