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Ex Fabula: Crush

Art Montes
Storyteller Philip Cruz-Warren

"Crush," as defined, means a variety of things: to compress or squeeze, to overcome or defeat, a crowd or throng, and infatuation or puppy love. This week’s stories relate to the first and last definitions – and as a reminder, the upcoming StorySlam on October 25th has a theme by the same name, providing opportunity to explore the word in all its multitudes.

When our first teller, Philip Cruz Warren, was a child, he developed a self-described irrational fear of heavy objects falling on him. Little did he know that his first job as a member of the grounds crew at the Wisconsin State Fair as a teenager would put this phobia to the test. Somehow he complied when asked to go under a lift to attach a chain from a huge dumpster to the trash compactor, but would his worst nightmare come true?

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Deserae Constantineau

Few celebrity crushes are so intense, so deep, as those associated with pre-teenage girls and their favorite members of boy bands.

Our second teller, Deserae Constantineau, had been nurturing a dream since her adolescence: meeting Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block at a bowling alley for a romantic date. A quarter century later, she discovered the group were hanging out at Landmark Lanes on the East Side during a visit to town for a concert. It was as if fate had intervened! Would the fangirl in her attempt to play out her fantasy, or would Deserae write a different ending for her love story?

Listen to these two different takes on "crush" here: