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Milwaukee Magazine Highlights Local Cutting Edge Medical Science

Max Thomsen
Milwaukee Magazine
Dr. John Kryger is a doctor at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin working with children’s hospitals in Boston and Philadelphia to help address bladder exstrophy repair.";

There are a variety of medical centers around the country that get a lot of national and international press for the cutting edge work they do.  Cornell Medical Center in New York, Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic, and research centers in Boston, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.  But increasingly, important work is being done in places like Milwaukee.

Reporter Rich Rovito investigated a variety of physicians and medical centers doing life-saving or just life-improving work around the Milwaukee region. From advancing therapies, leading collaborations, clinical trials, to developing new technology - local medical professionals are making significant advancements every day.

"You think about aromatherapy - you think of people using essential oils in their homes.  This is pretty radical.  There’s a surgeon at Aurora Health Care that’s been using - as part of a clinical trial - using lavender to help relax patients who are undergoing brain surgery while they’re awake," says Rovito.

From Aurora Health Care’s Neuroscience Innovation Institute's aroma therapy to doctors treating arthritis and joint pain with stem cell therapy, Rovito's article on these efforts and more is in the November issue of Milwaukee Magazine. He joined Lake Effect's Mitch Teich to share what he learned:

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