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Radio Chipstone: Curating Social Content


If you ever want to really get to know someone, follow them home (just not in a creepy stalker way). However, if invited accept the invitation and pay attention to the objects they've chosen to live with. Now if you want to know who they wish to be, look at their social media pages.

Quinley Marie Outerbridge is a hairdresser, model, DJ and a good portion of her life is lived on social media. "Honestly, if the picture is good, nine times out of ten I'm gonna post it," says Outerbridge. "People will see different parts of my life and they'll see different things that end up coming out of my life regardless if it's on purpose or not."

For Outerbridge, social media plays the role of offering small snapshots of her life and less about gaining more views or followers. In this edition of Radio Chipstone, Outerbridge tells contributor Gianofer Fields that while some use social media as a tool to curate fictitious lives, her goal is to simply be herself: