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Wisconsin Company Uses Virtual Reality To Transform How You See Global Natural Wonders

Downtown Delafield has a quintessential, cute small-town feel to it. Coffee shops, restaurants, craft shops, all not far from a picturesque lake. But if you were walking down the sidewalk, you’d have no idea that inside an unassuming office building is a sprawling warren of offices and conference rooms in which some cutting-edge work is being done.

They’re the offices of Virtual Wonders, a company that is using augmented and virtual reality to transform the way we experience historic and natural wonders around the world. At the heart of it is Wisconsin-native Corey Jaskolski, the chief technology officer at Virtual Wonders.

Jaskolski is the speaker at the latest Science on Tap lecture at the Milwaukee Public Museum on Thursday, Feb. 21. Ahead of that lecture and freshly back from an imaging trip to South Africa, he spoke with Lake Effect's Mitch Teich about exploration, risk, and digitization of the world’s most special places: