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'Un-Trumping America' Looks At The Path Forward For The Democratic Party

Dan Pfieffer (left) served as President Obama's senior advisor. He's currently the co-host of "Pod Save America."

As the pool of Democrats vying for the presidency has narrowed down to two main contendors, there's another larger question facing the Democratic party: what happens if they win? 

According to Dan Pfeiffer, winning the 2020 election is just the beginning of a much longer process of "Un-Trumping" America. Pfeiffer is a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and current co-host of Pod Save America, a popular political podcast. His new book, Un-Trumping America, views the "Trumping" of America not as something specific to President Trump but as a dawning of a new era in the Republican Party.

"Democrats have to recognize that Trump is not an abberation, he is not an accident, he's actually a logical extension of Republican politics of the last few decades," Pfeiffer says.  

Credit Courtesy of Dan Pfieffer
Pfieffer can be heard Thursdays on Pod Save America with co-host Jon Favreau.

He goes on to say that part of that politics is their focus on making it harder for people to vote through policies, like Wisconsin's voter ID laws. 

"All we are asking for is for both parties to have to succeed by persuading a majority of Americans on the merits of their positions and which ever party comes out of that should be the one in charge," he explains.  

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When it comes to deciding the future of the highest polticial office in America, Pfieffer says, "Wisconsin will decide who the President of the United States is." 

Dan Pfieffer will be at the Turner Hall Ballroom on March 9 with Lake Effect's Joy Powers for a longer conversation about the book. 

Joy Powers hosts and produces Lake Effect. She joined WUWM in 2016.