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Milwaukee Music Roundup: Space Raft, Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure, Yum Yum Cult, L'Resort

Space Raft, Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure, Yum Yum Cult, L'Resort
(From left) The May 2020 Milwaukee Music Roundup includes music from Space Raft, Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure, Yum Yum Cult, and L'Resort.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of most live shows, Milwaukee bands continue to release new songs. And Matt Wild has listened to most of them.

Wild is one of the co-founders of Milwaukee Record, which describes itself as an online source for music, culture, and gentle sarcasm. Among the many cultural things Milwaukee Record keeps track of is a nearly exhaustive list of new music from local musicians.

Wild is the curator of that list, and every month he shares a sample of what he’s been listening to for our Milwaukee Music Roundup.

“There are certainly plenty of songs still about staying at home, still about the pandemic and I decided, ‘You know what, let’s just take a break for one month.’,” he says.

Here's the Milwaukee Music Roundup for May:

Space Raft
"Please Be Kind"

"[Space Raft] is very pop-y, psychedelic music, with elements of power pop in there and just kind of good old rock 'n' roll. They've been around since about 2014 and released two albums prior to this one," Wild says. 

Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure
"Do You Feel Me"

The band's newest track isn't radio-friendly enough for us to highlight, but Matt still wants to shout out this group. This is one of his favorite songs from last year. He describes it as, "unabashedly fun and dance-y, it's positive and all about inclusion and acceptance."

Yum Yum Cult
"Convenience & Me"

"It is a song that is all over the place and I think that's by design," Wild says. "It starts out with this jam band-y sorta feel and suddenly goes into these manic moments and then settles down into a calm but jittery mood."

"What I Can Give"

"[L'Resorts] has this very tropical almost kitschy tropical vibe," says Wild. "There's also this touch of melancholy to a lot of their songs."


Joy Powers is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.