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Milwaukee Music Roundup: Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings, Immortal Girlfriend, You Win !!!, Fuzzysurf

Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings, Immortal Girlfriend, You Win !!!, Fuzzysurf
(From left) Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings, Immortal Girlfriend, You Win !!!, and Fuzzysurf.

Although there haven’t been many live shows since the pandemic hit the United States in March, Milwaukee bands have somehow found a way to release new music. That’s been great for Matt Wild, who every month releases a nearly exhaustive list of new music from local musicians.

Wild is one of the co-founders of Milwaukee Record, which describes itself as an online source for music, culture, and gentle sarcasm. He joins Lake Effect each month to share a sample of what he’s been listening to.

Here’s the latest Milwaukee Music Roundup:

Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings 
"Don't You Ever Change"

This recording was done live in January and is part of an upcoming 18-song double album called Live at the Cafe Carpe. The album is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey and SistaStrings, which is made up of cellist Monique Ross and violinist Chauntee Ross.

"It is one of those songs that I had to double and then triple check to make sure that this was not an old standard. It has this feel that, 'I must have heard this song before,' but it is in fact an original song," says Wild.

Immortal Girlfriend
"Friday Night"

Continuing the family duos, Immortal Girlfriend is a brother duo between Will and Kevin Bush. This track features artists Hailey Orion and Deezie Brown.

"Immortal Girlfriend, they've always had this very atmospheric, moody, neon-drenched kind of vibe that I've always associated with summer and listening to this now in fall, I've realized it kind of works for fall too," says Wild.

You Win !!!

You Win !!! is a new collaboration between artists Amanda Huff and Random Machine. 

"They describe themselves as a trip-hop/dark-pop duo and I really like their description for the particular track. They say, 'The track dances between serpentine playfulness and manic delight. Written from the perspective of a god-like figure toying with a mortal imposter.' I dunno, what more can you say for that, that's a pretty great description and a pretty great song," says Wild. 

"You Belong In My Arms"

"Fuzzysurf is one of those bands, again has been around for a couple of years now, and has been consistently putting out I think some of the best guitar pop music in the city," says Wild. 

"[You Belong In My Arms] is, like I said, some really great guitar pop songwriting and production," he says.

Joy Powers hosts and produces Lake Effect. She joined WUWM January 2016 as a producer for Lake Effect.
From 2020 to 2021, Jack was WUWM's digital intern and then digital producer.