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Milwaukee Council President Unhappy with Former Officer's Sentence

A judge on Friday sentenced a former MPD officer to 20 days in jail, for not stopping fellow officers from conducting illegal strip searches.Former officer Jacob Knight agreed earlier to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of participating in an illegal body cavity search, avoiding a felony count of misconduct while on duty. Charges were filed against three other officers as well.

Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines responded to Friday's sentencing by calling the crime "dehumanizing conduct" and adding that the sentence could "easily be perceived as the court's bias in favor of law enforcement and its continued insensitivity tower a large portion of our community," while blotting out "the very good work being done by the other 99 percent of MPD officers."

Knight must also perform 60-hours of community service work. He has resigned from the force.

A number of people, police were convicted of illegally strip searching, have filed suit.