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State Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Act 10


The state Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in yet another challenge to Act 10.  The law dismantled most collective bargaining rights for most public workers, more than two years ago.

The high court will decide whether to uphold a lower court ruling, exempting local workers and teachers' unions from the law.

The Madison teachers union and a Milwaukee municipal workers union filed the legal challenge in 2012.  Since then, Dane County Judge Juan Colas has ruled that Act 10 did not apply to the groups.

The state interpreted the ruling to mean it only applied to the two unions that brought the suit.  The judge then ruled his decision was meant to apply statewide.  He issued an injunction to call off re-certification elections.

The state refused, and the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission began preparing for the elections.  In turn, Colas held the commission in contempt of court.  Last week, an appeals court upheld his contempt order.