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Ald. Willie Hines to Leave Milwaukee Common Council


As of Monday, Feb. 3, Common Council President Hines will serve as associate director of the city's Housing Authority.

Hines has represented Milwaukee's 15th Aldermanic District since 1996 and been president of the council since 2004. He will resign that position as of Saturday, Feb. 1.

In a release, Hines states: "After ten years in the President's chair, the time has come for a new challenge and to let the next Council member continue the work for the district."

The council will elect its next president on Feb. 11, while a special election scheduled for the district.

In his new role, Hines will be responsible for running the Housing Authority's affordable housing portfolio and will report to Executive Director Tony Perez. Hines has served on the agency's Board of Commissioners since 1996. In 2005, the Housing Authority received the World Leadership Award for helping transform neighborhoods.

Mayor Barrett, who made the appointment said, "Alderman Hines has deep Milwaukee roots; he is a great advocate for all residents of our city and a champion of building a stronger Milwaukee."