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Another Lawsuit Filed in Wisconsin over John Doe Two

Two entities are asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider the legality of a secret investigation underway, reportedly into links between Gov. Walker's campaign and conservative funders.

This past Monday, the Wisconsin Club for Growth and its director filed a federal lawsuit, seeking to end the John Doe probe. The parties asking the state Supreme Court to take up the matter, are unnamed. They want the high court to directly take the case, bypassing the lower courts.

Three unnamed interests recently filed suit in the state Court of Appeals, asking it to end the investigation, but the court refused.

The John Doe reportedly involves prosecutors in five Wisconsin counties, including Milwaukee.

It is referred to as John Doe two, because an early John Doe may have provided information that prompted investigators to launch another. The first resulted in criminal convictions against several people who had been associated with Gov. Walker, while he was Milwaukee County Executive and running for governor.