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Emails Uncovered During John Doe I Investigation Will Be Released Mid-Week


Thousands of pages of emails will be released on Wednesday following a court order.

The messages that will be made public this week are part of what is referred to as John Doe I, a lengthy secret probe conducted by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

The investigation resulted in the arrest and conviction of several county employees hired by then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s administration.

The Director of the Marquette University Law School poll, Charles Franklin, says it’s not likely the communications will contain any information that is overly damaging to the Walker administration.

“Given the John Doe investigation did not lead directly to charges against Scott Walker, I think it is unlikely we will find the proverbial ‘smoking gun’ in any of those records,” Franklin says.

He says it is likely there will be potentially embarrassing comments, however.

“I’m sure people on both sides will be pouring over those very carefully looking for anything that can be used politically,” Franklin says.

Franklin says the content of the emails will no doubt attract the interest of national political pundits.

“As Gov. Walker has become more widely talked about as a potential presidential candidate, national interest in him has grown and this email release is a piece of information, especially at the national level, that is likely to  be new to people,” Franklin says.