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Wisconsin Senate Casts Three Unanimous Votes


Senators advanced three bills without dissent on Tuesday. Two deal with education, the third with the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex.

Instead of the Milwaukee County Board controlling the complex, one bill calls for an appointed board to oversee operations. It would consist largely of health care professionals. Numerous problems have been cited at the mental health complex. Six patients have died there.

One of the education bills would require voucher schools in Wisconsin to maintain accreditation from recognized agencies. Until now, private schools receiving state money only had to be accredited once. A few unchecked schools have abruptly closed or failed to teach their students. The change would take effect with the 2015-16 school year.

Another education bill senators approved would let Wisconsin schools change their schedules. Schools could extend their days, but then be open fewer days each year. Both rural and urban schools expressed support for the plan, saying it would save energy and transportation costs.