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Group Challenges Wisconsin Campaign Finance Rule

A federal lawsuit targets the Wisconsin law limiting the amount of money candidates for state office can accept from political action committees.

On Monday, the CRG Network filed a federal lawsuit against the rule. CRG has worked here for years to elect fiscally-conservative candidates and recall elected leaders it does not consider responsible.

According to its claim, the CRG Network wanted to make small donations to three candidates, but they did not accept the money because they had already reached their limit for PAC donations, under Wisconsin law.

The federal suit claims Wisconsin's PAC limits violate members' First Amendment rights to free speech and free association.

The suit targets the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, because it enforces state election laws. A spokesperson for the GAB says it is following the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court - it upheld the law in 1990.  

CRG's lawsuit argues that subsequent U.S. Supreme Court decisions made the 1990 ruling, irrelevant.

The CRG Network's legal challenge was filed by the group, Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.