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Trump Fires Up Crowd, Bashes Clinton at Rally in Waukesha

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Donald Trump speaks at a rally on September 28, 2016 in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump delivered a rousing speech to a packed house in Waukesha on Wednesday night. Several thousand people turned out to see Trump at the Waukesha County Expo Center. Trump made many promises during the rally, but also spent time bashing his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Many supporters wore red baseball caps and waved signs that read “Make America Great Again.” Trump started off by blasting Hillary Clinton, particularly in her performance as Secretary of State during the Obama administration.

“She’s failed at everything, she failed in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, in Iran and Egypt. She failed on ISIS, in fact she unleashed ISIS onto the world by leaving a vacuum that shouldn’t have been left, along with President Obama who doesn’t have a clue,” Trump says.

Trump vowed to restore dignity and honesty to the White House if elected. Then he launched into a multitude of guarantees. For instance, he says he’ll claim victory in Wisconsin.

“On Nov. 8 we’re going to win this state and we’re going to win back the White House. We’re going to make America great again, believe me,” Trump says.

Trump pointed to recent polls that show a close race, including in Wisconsin. He also told the crowd that if he's president, his crime fighting plan would save thousands of lives, and especially reached out to Milwaukee residents.

“My agenda of reducing crime will benefit all Americans, but those who will benefit most are African American and Hispanic American citizens living in high crime communities. And people in Milwaukee, they’re going to love Donald Trump, they’re going to have safety,” Trump says.

Trump calls a spike in homicide rates in cities across the country alarming and says he’ll “restore law and order.” He vowed to negotiate better trade deals and touted his economic plan.

“My economic agenda can be summed up in three beautiful words: jobs, jobs, jobs. We’re going to bring back our jobs. We’re going to cut your taxes, she’s going to raise your taxes. We will reduce substantially regulations which are killing people and killing the farmers and killing the energy companies,” Trump says.

Protesters line the roadway outside the Waukesha County Expo Center

Trump finished by talking about education and promised school choice for every disadvantaged child in the country. One person pleased with what he heard is John Miglautsch of Hartland. He says he hopes Trump would follow through on promises to lower taxes and ease red tape.

“Government regulation, I have a small business and there are just so many stupid reports you have to fill out and things, they just take up your time and seem to get worse every year,” Miglautsch says.

But not everybody was cheering. Several dozen protesters stood along the road outside the Expo Center, chanting “Dump Trump” and carrying signs that read “Trump the Great Divider.” Samantha Hayward of Waukesha says she objects to Trump’s comments about women and minorities.

“The way he talks about different races, different people, the way he sees women is disgusting. To think that we’re less than human and that he can treat us like objects and we’re not people,” Hayward says.

Hayward says in the coming weeks, she plans on campaigning for Hillary Clinton, and protesting at other rallies in the Milwaukee area where Trump may appear.

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