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Milwaukee Adds Voices of Concern about Trump Administration, in Weekend Rallies

Hundreds of people in the Milwaukee area spent part of the weekend demonstrating their concerns about the new Trump administration, by taking part in rallies.

Saturday morning, scores of people marched through the streets of Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. Organizers billed the event as a "Femme Solidarity March," as it coincided with the massive march that took place in Washington D.C. and in other cities around the country and world.

Laurie Dantoin traveled to Milwaukee from Kenosha to participate. She shared concerns about Trump's ideas regarding the environment, women's rights and public schools.

"I don't usually go to these kind of things, but I feel that we need Mr. Trump to see how many people are out there, and to keep in the back of his mind that at any time, any of these decisions he makes, we could do this again. I think he's thin-skinned enough, and does actually care about whether he's liked or not, that this will have an impact on him," Dantoin said.

Credit Marge Pitrof
Rain fell as people gathered in Red Arrow Park on Friday evening.

Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee was the gathering spot late Friday, hours after Donald Trump took the oath of office. Advocacy groups launched what they say will be ongoing protests against administration policies and rhetoric that don't respect the rights of women, immigrants, people of color and others.

Demonstrators sang "This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land" and promised to fight from the grassroots level through rallies and marches, as well as via social media, to rouse citizens to fight for equal treatment of all people living in the U.S.

"I'm here because I don't trust someone in the White House who doesn't have any political experience and has shown great discrimination toward minorities, women, LBGT people, and I think someone in the White House who is not going to represent all the people is not someone who should be representing our country," said Cole Winston.

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