2014 Space Achievements Are Out Of This World

Dec 24, 2014

Delta IV Heavy Rocket Carrying NASA's Orion Spacecraft
Credit nasa.gov

From landing a probe on a comet to even more discoveries on Mars, it’s been quite a year for astrophysics and cosmology.

Our astronomy contributor, Jean Creighton, joins us each month to helps us keep track of the latest astronomical news. She joined Lake Effect's Bonnie North in the studio to look back at several events, starting with the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission, which landed a probe on a comet in November, to gravitational wave detection.

"When we see it as spectators, we think ‘oh yeah, that’s cool, that’s really cool, that’s great.' But they know all the things that could have gone wrong, all the things that had to go right for this to work just as hoped," Creighton says.

Lake Effect contributor Jean Creighton is the director of the Manfred Olsen Planetarium, located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee campus.