'Animolecules' Explores the World of Microbes Through Dance

Nov 30, 2016

You are currently surrounded by microbes. These single-cell organisms are the oldest life forms on earth and are by far the most abundant. And although they can’t be seen with the naked eye, microbes are the force behind all life on earth. 

It’s this hidden world all around us that inspired Animolecules, a sci-dance show conceived and created by Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theater and co-directors Jenny Reinke and Brian Rott. 

"Everything around us is covered in microbe life, inside and outside. And yes, we do recognize on a daily basis there are germs and bacteria, so we wash our hands. But that's maybe the only way that we actively think about the microbe-world, when it is actually very fascinating and awesome," says Rott. "... It's kind of fascinating and humbling to use microbiology as a point of departure for creating thematic material." 

Quasimondo's Animolecules premieres Saturday, December 3 at Danceworks in Milwaukee.