The Best Milkshakes and Iced Coffee Milwaukee Has to Offer

Jun 24, 2015

As the weather warms up, there's nothing more enjoyable than a cool beverage. Dining contributor Ann Christenson toured the city on a quest to find the best iced coffee and milkshakes Milwaukee has to offer.

Her features on iced coffee and milkshakes can be found in this month's issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

Here are Christenson's five picks of each:


"In the summertime especially it's just so refreshing to have coffee on ice," says Christenson. "You're getting a little bit of caffeine...some people say it's lower in acid, it's better for your stomach, it's smoother. I feel like it has more flavor, it's richer."

1. Anodyne Coffee (iced coffee tap system) - "I love their iced coffee. I think it's so bold, I think it's complex, it's rich. They use the atomic blend makes such a delicious iced coffee."

2. Valentine Coffee Roasters (pour-over iced coffee & cold brew) - "I love the (cold brew) method and when I go there I tend to go that route over the pour-over, but I like that as well."

3. Roast Coffee Company  (full immersion method) - "To me the bolder, the better and I think these places are taking that approach."

4. Stone Creek (cold brew)

5. Alderaan Coffee (cold brew)

6. EE-Sane Thai Cuisine (Thai iced coffee) - "It's kind of its own thing and people who like Thai iced coffee really love it...and it might surprise you how much sugar is actually in there."


Credit new1mproved / Flickr

1. Colectivo Mocha Shake - "I kept going back to it because it had such great coffee flavor, and a little bit of that chocolate flavor, and the little granules of the espresso in there. That shake is really, really good."

2. Kopp's Root Beer Shake (made with Sprecher's root beer syrup) - "I'm not a huge root beer fan, but I was surprised at how much I liked that shake...this has really outstanding root beer flavor."

3. Babe's Ice Cream Strawberry Shake - "This one had the real chunks of fresh strawberries...bonus points for that!"

4. Purple Door Ice Cream Salted Caramel Shake - "The shake just has a really terrific balance of flavor - not too salty, not too sweet. It's kind of a trademark for them and I think they do an excellent job with it."

5. Gilles Frozen Custard Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake - "That is a winner of a shake because you're not getting more of one or the other, it's about balance."