'Best Of Milwaukee' List Features Known Icons & New Favorites

Sep 5, 2019

Every year, Milwaukee Magazine compiles a list of the city’s most beloved institutions. The “Best of Milwaukee” issue features dozens of categories, like the best supper club, the best vintage shop, and of course, the best fish fry.

Chris Drosner is the executive editor of Milwaukee Magazine, and he was a part of the team that worked on this year's feature. He admits that the list is, in many ways, a popularity contest. That's why many of the "best" places are also Milwaukee's most well-known and cherished institutions. In this way, Drosner says, the list reflects the Milwaukee that many of us know and love. 

"The thing that really struck me was how it aligned with the way that we see Milwaukee ... it felt like there were so many categories where it’s like — yeah, got it. Classic Milwaukee," says Drosner.